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Innovative Custom Embedded Countdown App Final Countdown Announces Launch to an Enthusiastic Response From Users

Many people have special events they'd like to share a countdown for on their websites or elsewhere. Final Countdown is a app that allows users to create custom countdowns, with great graphics that function simply and quickly. Early users couldn't be happier.

March 19, 2015

It's agreed not only are custom countdowns fun and interesting for users, when it comes to businesses they can be a huge help in marketing success. The big issue has traditionally been the difficulty in creating, setting up and embedding countdown tools that have kept many users away from them. Fortunately, a new alternative exists in the recently launched custom embedding countdown app Final Countdown. The app allows users to easily create extremely customized countdowns that have proven very effective on getting the word out about nearly anything, fast.

“The cross platform app is being used for movies, music releases, product launches, on Facebook fan pages, Twitter feeds and in many other interesting and exciting ways. The limit is really only the user's imagination.”

According to the company, the app allows total content customization. This includes adding background images to the Countdown, custom skins, fonts and borders all to help make a Countdown complete. The Countdown can be positioned to fit a user's needs and sharing the Countdown through Social Media, SMS Text and Email only takes seconds.

Embedding the Countdown on a website is simple and involves adding a single line of HTML code. Here is a sample of what this app can create: Outlander Countdown

Currently, Final Countdown is available both at the Google Play Store or Apple Store and users have given their full endorsements.

“I've used Final Countdown for a few marketing projects now and I can't praise it enough. It's very easy to customize and looks amazing. The sense of urgency it helps me deliver is really a huge benefit when it comes to conversions. Five stars and fully recommended.” --John M., from New York.

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